Saturday, July 2, 2016

Goodbye Stitch Fix... Why I Decided to Stop Getting Fixes

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was a good run for me and Stitch Fix.  I had a year full for surprises and great outfits.  A lot of you must be wondering why I haven't really posted any Stitch Fix videos in the last few months.  That is because the last five fixes I've received have been hugely disappointing.  The last video I posted on YouTube was my April fix, in which I kept nothing.  You can watch the video here:

I tried another fix in May, where I kept one black denim jacket by Liverpool Jeans because I've been asking my stylist for a denim jacket for the past six months, and this was the first one I got.  The jacket itself was nice, though I wish it was a dark denim versus black.  Nevertheless, it was comfortable and stretchy, and fit well on me.  Everything else in that fix, however, looked like versions of things that I've received in past fixes.  They even sent me a top that was something I've purchased before but in a different color and a maxi dress that was the same exact style of a shorter dress I had purchased from them last year... it was just longer.

I decided to give Stitch Fix one more try in the month of June.  I even updated my Pinterest board and pinned different styles I liked to the board to give my stylist inspiration.  I also requested summer sandals that I can wear casually, since Stitch Fix started offering shoes as of April.

What came in the box was nothing that fit me properly or looked good on me.  I think Stitch Fix felt that I had a good run with striped tops and decided to send me a black and white striped top with neon orange cuffs.  WTF!  I also received a dress that looked horrendous on me, pants that didn't fit, a tank that was okay (but not worth $58), and of course, my shoes that I requested.

Don't get me wrong.  I think the shoes they sent were very pretty.  They were the BCBGeneration Ronny Strappy Lace-Up Sandals:

Very pretty, but they are not casual and not for summer.  I was hoping for something that would be flat, less complicated to put on, and easy to walk in with less straps and tassels.  Maybe I wasn't clear in my request.  I considered keeping these shoes as not to lose out on my $20 styling fee, because I could wear these for nights out or parties, but was upset with the overall fix and decided to send everything back.

Where did this all go wrong?  I had a very good run with one stylist last year and all of the sudden she stopped styling me.  Maybe she left the company or they decided to switch things up, but after I switched stylists, everything kept going down hill.  Every month I would get a new stylist, and the items that came kept getting worse.  I think it's time for Stitch Fix and I to part ways and for me to do my own shopping again.  I think it was a good run while it lasted, but alas, we now have to say goodbye.  Thank you for styling me for a year, Stitch Fix.

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