Sunday, November 15, 2015

Travel, Travel, Travel!

I've been traveling non stop for the last month and I'm so happy to finally be home for the rest of the year!  At the beginning of October, I spent one week in London.  I came back to San Francisco for a week, then headed off to Canada!  I spent one weekend in Toronto with family and a week in Montreal for work.  Both places were absolutely amazing.  I love Canada.  Following Canada, I went to my second home of Austin, Texas for a few days.  After another week back home, I headed off to New York City for a week of conferences.  It's been a whirlwind of a month, but of course, in between all this work, I had time to go site see a bit and, of course, do some shopping!

I didn't film the stuff from England or Austin, just because this video would've been an hour long if I did, but I did get a bunch of cool stuff from both places!  In London, I did some major drugstore makeup shopping at Boots and picked up a lot of Bourjois Paris makeup, stocked up on Garnier micellar water, and of course, got some stuff from Sleek Cosmetics.  One has to take advantage since we can't get any of those things here in the US!

Despite getting into Austin in the midst of a downpour from the aftermath of Hurricane Patricia, I checked out the Round Rock Premium Outlets for the first time and it's a pretty decent outlet!  I got a couple of sweaters from Ann Taylor Loft (one of which I'm wear in the video below) and picked up some bath gel and lotion from Bath and Body Works.

Check out my video below on the rest of the things I got in Canada and New York City.  Enjoy!

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