Friday, September 11, 2015

Ciaté London X Olivia Palermo Fall Collection Review

Ciaté recently launched their new fall collection designed by guest Creative Director, Olivia Palermo, and of course, I had to go buy it!  Olivia Palermo launched three nail polish colors for the summer, Nantucket (coral), Sundays (nude white), and Hutch (true bright red).  Those nail colors were amazing, but the nail colors in her fall collection are even more amazing.  Along with the new nail colors, there is also a new bronzer/blush duo, eyeliner, lipstick and an eye shadow palette.

As of today, the eye shadow palette hasn't launched at Sephora in the US or on Ciaté's website in the UK.  I picked up the nail polishes, two lipsticks, one of the bronzer/blush duos, and the eyeliner in Fig.  

Napa Valley (L) and New England Fall (R)

To start off, the fall nail polish collection, valued at $24 each, comes in two colors - Napa Valley (deep cool toned red) and New England Fall (dark blue).  Napa Valley is Olivia Palermo's "new fall favorite" and it is a gorgeous deep red.  New England Fall is deemed Olivia's New season pick."  Dark blue seems to be a trending color for fall, and this one is so versatile that it can be worn for any and all occasions this season.  The formulation on these polishes are really good.  You really only need one coat for the color to look opaque.  The polishes are supposed to have a Dual Polymer Mesh Lock Technology, which leaves your manicure shiny and long-lasting.  My favorite so far is definitely Napa Valley.  My only beef with these is the same beef I have with all dark colored nail polishes - they stain your nails and fingers when you remove them!  I guess it's worth the effort taking the polishes off since these colors are just beautiful.

Truffle (L) and Praline (R)

The Satin Kiss lipsticks, valued at $25 each, come in four different shades - Velveteen, Praline, Cashmere, and Truffle -  but I only bought two of them.  Velveteen is a classic red, Praline is a rich burgundy, Cashmere is true nude and Truffle is a pink nude.  I bought Truffle and Praline and I have to say that I wasn't sure about these two colors at first, but they are a lot more neutral than the names and pictures online would suggest.  Praline is not "rich" at all, but in fact a very neutral and wearable burgundy.  Truffle is nude, but has a hint of color to make it wearable.  These lipsticks are satin and goes on smoothly and very comfortable to wear.  They are very pigmented, but I noticed they don't last long.  After eating or drinking, you will need to reapply!

Bluff Point

The Cheekbone Cheat blusher/bronzer duo is valued at $32 comes in two different shades - Bluff Point and Seaside Park.  Bluff Point has a dusty pink blush and Seaside Point has a coral colored blush.  These are highly pigmented and have a smooth formula that almost goes on creamy.  I really enjoyed using this and it's a great travel blush/bronzer. 

Eyeliner in Fig

The final item that I was most impressed with out of this collection was the Smoked Out Gel Kohl Liner ($20).  I was hesitant to buy this at first because I thought $20 for any old pencil eyeliner was a lot to pay for, but boy, am I glad I bought it!  This comes in two colors - Black and Fig, which is a deep purple.  I got the Fig color since all I have are either black or brown eyeliners.  Now there is kohl in the name, but there is no kohl in this product... nor gel.  It's super soft pencil that goes on like gel and blends like kohl.  It also comes with a fluffy brush at the end of the pencil so you can blend it out.  The bristles on this brush are super soft!  The color is super intense when you put it on and it lasts all day!

As a bonus, since I was buying the Olivia Palermo collection, I also decide to grab one of the three summer nail colors, since they are limited edition and I really wanted another nude polish (not that I need one).  I love this nude color, Sundays, since it's so versatile.  It's really not a summer color, but can be worn all year round.

This collection is quite pricey, and my personal opinion, is that the amazing packaging has a lot to do with how high these items are priced.  However, are they worth it?  Absolutely!  The formulation and pigmentation in all these items are very rich and of high quality.  A little bit goes a long way so this will last you a while.  As I said, the item that surprised me the most in this collection was the eyeliner.  If you can only try just one item out of this collection, I would highly recommend the eyeliner.

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