Monday, July 20, 2015

Trade or Sell Your Unwanted Makeup... What??

I recently stumbled upon eDivv where you can sell or trade (which they call "Divvy") your unwanted makeup items.  These are things that you may have received in a subscription box or maybe something you bought that just didn't work out for you.  Someone out there will want it, even if it's slightly used.

Now I'm not a fan of using other people's used makeup.  I don't think it's sanitary, but hey, if someone wants mine, I'm more than happy to make more space in my bathroom for other things.  I tried eDivv for the first time last weekend.  I posted about 10 items in one night and was surprised at how fast my items went.  Within an hour, I traded away about five items.

That being said, that's the worst thing about eDivv.  You can sell stuff, but no one on the site wants to buy anything.  Finding someone to trade with for stuff that you actually want was pretty difficult.  My first trade was one of my new Stila Stay All-Day Lipstick, which I got in my July Birchbox, and a free makeup kit I got from Bare Escentuals that I never used.  The lipstick was way too pink for my liking and I've had the makeup case for about 7 years now.  I was happy to get rid of these two items.  In return, I got an unused bottle of Butter London nail polish and Bite Beauty lip gloss from the Watercolor collection.  The person I traded with didn't use these products, so I thought it was a great deal.  I have yet to receive the package, so hopefully when they arrive, the items are as described.

After this first Divvy, I was pretty encouraged and then all the ridiculous offers start coming in.  Someone wanted my entire collection of items and in exchange only wanted to give me one of hers.  The next person wanted something but didn't want to give up anything except for a used brow pencil.  No thanks.  I eventually Divvy-ed some more items, but there was a lot of negotiations involved.

Though I like the concept of this website, I find that some people are just really hard to bargain with.  That is what makes this website annoying to use.  Like I also said, no one is willing to actually purchase anything either, so it's hard to get rid of your stuff without getting more stuff!  Would I keep using this site?  Maybe... I'll have to see when my first trades come in just how honest people are about their item descriptions.

If you want to check out what I have listed on eDivv, please go to my eDivv shop!

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