Friday, May 29, 2015

My European Beauty Haul!

I just came back from a week long trip to Paris.  Friends have told me to visit the pharmacy when I'm in Paris for deep discounts on beauty products.  When I hear "pharmacy," I immediately think of CVS or Walgreens.  The "pharmacie" in France is far from your typical CVS though.  It's full of high quality beauty products such as Caudalíe, Vishy and La Roche-Posay, not to mention, they are about 50% of the prices you'd find here in the United States for those exact same products.  Needless to say, I went a bit crazy.

In the next few weeks, I'll be doing reviews on some of the items I try.  For now, I'm very excited to try the Bioderma Créaline H20, which is micellar water for removing makeup.  You can't find it here in the United States as easily, and if you do (most likely on Amazon), it's about triple the price.  I'm also super excited to try the Caudalíe Eau de Beauté spray, which is a part-toner and part-serum mix of essential oils.  

I've wanted to buy the Caudalíe products at Sephora before, but they were extremely expensive.  For example, the "newly released" Instant Detox Mask goes for $39.00 USD at Sephora, but at the pharmacy in France, you can get the same thing for 16,89€, which is about $18.50 USD - that is significant savings!

I also spent a weekend in London, and got a chance to visit the famous Boots drug store.  I went to the flagship store on Oxford Street, which was more of a three story heaven of makeup products versus a drug store.  The first floor was dedicated to makeup with drugstore and high end makeup products available.  The second floor had your typical drugstore items such as medication, toothpaste, etc.  The basement contained British body products and hair care items.  I really had to control myself in this store.  I had to consistently remind myself that 1£ = $1.50 USD!

I stocked up on some Soap & Glory items, since they seemed to have discontinued them at Sephora here in the US, not to mention that they are still cheaper in the UK than in a Sephora store in the US.  I've been wanting to try the Sleek eye shadow palette for a while now, as well as the Bourjois CC cream.  I picked up the Garnier micellar water to compare it to the Bioderma.  I predict we'll see the Garnier one here in the US sooner than we'll see Bioderma, so if it's the same, that would be a great alternative.

In the next few weeks, I will be posting more reviews on the makeup and beauty products from these hauls.  Stay tuned!

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