Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Tradesy Return Experience

Last month I wrote about my experiences with Poshmark and Tradesy.  Since then, I've had some experiences with Tradesy's return policy that I thought might be helpful for those who aren't sure whether or not to trust a service like this offering a return service.  I was skeptical since I've read so many horror stories online about people who requested returns that took forever or got their accounts canceled because Tradesy didn't trust that they were returning items for the right reasons.  I was pleasantly surprised when Tradesy handled my return without any fuss!

I decided to splurge and buy a Lanvin Amalia shoulder bag that I've been eyeing forever.  They are no longer sold in stores but are available on sites such as Poshmark, eBay, the Real Real and Tradesy.  Since I just sold my Gucci GG Twins Hobo bag on Tradesy, I had a large credit sitting in my account, I decided to buy on Tradesy.  By the way, most people who sell high end purses second-hand do it on all these platforms.  I think I saw multiple listings of the same items by the same sellers spread across all these sites.  This Lanvin bag on Tradesy was supposed to be "used only once or twice with no visible signs of wear."  The seller was asking for $885 (original price is $1950), so I thought this was a great deal since it had only been used once or twice, it can't be in that bad of condition.

When I received the bag, it had a heavy chemical odor to it, there were scuff marks on the sides with obvious signs of wear, and the interior pockets had tons of dust or debris in it.  It felt, overall, dirty and it didn't sit well with me that the product was misrepresented.  I thought about it for a few days (you have 4 days to initiate a return) and decided I didn't want to fork over all this money for generally a nice bag, but not what I was expecting.  I initiated the return, Tradesy sent me a USPS Priority Mail label, and I dropped it off at the post office.  Seven days later, I got my full refund returned to me in the form of my original payment (so in this case it was partial Tradesy credit from my Gucci sale and a partial credit card refund).  They didn't question me or nitpick my complaints.  There was absolutely no hassle and was such a great experience.  I definitely commend Tradesy for having this service.  It makes large purchases like these and purchasing second-hand risk-free.

In case you're wondering, I did end up finding another Lanvin Amalia on eBay (pictured below).  This one was completely brand new with tags.  It was a bit more in price, but at least it is brand new and doesn't smell bad or is full of dirt.  I am a happy camper!

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