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April 2015 Stitch Fix Review!

The beginning of the month has become my favorite time of each month now that I'm getting a new Stitch Fix box delivered on a monthly basis.  This month, I had requested my stylist to include items that would be appropriate for my trip next month to Paris and London, that I could wear for both work and fun.  It was the first time I've made a specific request on Stitch Fix, so I was excited to see what she had chosen for me.

The colors in this month's fix were definitely focused on spring.  Upon opening the box, I was actually a bit scared to see two white articles of clothing and the other three in colors that are usually too bright for my liking.  Here's what I received:

  • Marin White Denim Jacket by Liverpool Jeans
  • Brixon Ivy Heidi Scallop Hem Pencil Skirt
  • Margaret M Emer Cropped Straight Leg Pant in Teal
  • Milo Knit Top by Loveappella
  • Daniel Rainn Ishara Lace Detail V-Neck Blouse
Honestly, my first impression upon opening this box was bad.  I really thought that all these items were going to go back.  The first item I pulled out of the box was the pencil skirt and my initial impression was, "Great... I look incredibly bad in pencil skirts."  The next thing I took out was the white blouse and thought, "I hate white blouses."  This month's experience didn't start off so well.  Hesitantly, I started trying out all the clothes.  Before you read any further... I just want to point out that I have no idea where this hideous farmer's tan came from, so no judgments.  Without further ado...

Item #1: Milo Knit Top by Loveappella

Photos of the front and the back of this top

Here is the Milo Knit Top by Loveappella with my own pair of Lucky Brand jeans.  I absolutely hate the aztec print on this top, but when I put it on, the fabric was incredibly soft, had great stretch, and was super comfortable.  I immediately thought that I may actually keep this one, until I went out into the living room for my husband to take the photo and he said, "Oh my god, they sent that?!  That is ugly!"  Honestly, I don't know where I would wear this top, but it's super soft!  

Verdict: I decided not to keep the top since it is $48, and I would only be keeping it for pure comfort.  I'm sure there are other tops out there similar in fabric, so I won't be spending my money on a print I really don't like.

Item #2: Marin White Denim Jacket by Liverpool Jeans

I decided to try this one on with the knit top and was hoping that I could pair these two.  The top still looked bad from an aztec print standpoint.  The jacket fit really nicely and I actually liked it.  The ONLY complaint I have with this jacket is that the fabric is a bit thin and you can see through the back.  So if your'e wearing a darker color underneath, as I am in this photo, you can see everything from behind.

Verdict: Sending back.  As much as I like this jacket, I really can't see myself wearing this all the time.  For $88, I would much rather get a dark wash denim jacket.  This is unfortunate, since I've now received two denim jackets from Stitch Fix, but they haven't been exactly right.

Items #3 and #4: Margaret M Emer Cropped Straight Leg Pants and Daniel Rainn Ishara Lace Detail V-Neck Blouse

My stylist knows that I LOVE the Margaret M Emer Cropped Straight Leg Pants, so when this new teal colored piece came in, she sent it to me.  As with my previous pair, I find these pants incredibly comfortable and flattering, but still wish they were in a darker color.  The Daniel Rainn blouse is a bit too sheer for my liking, but surprisingly, it is incredibly comfortable and fits well!  I love the lace detail on the back of the blouse as well.

Verdict: I'm keeping the pants, since I already own a pair and wear them almost everyday.  At $98, it is expensive, but I know I'll get my money's worth out of these.  I'm not sure about the blouse yet.  I would need to find something to wear underneath the blouse, because as you can see in the photo, it is very sheer!  Still thinking about it.

Item #5: Brixon Ivy Heidi Scallop Hem Pencil Skirt

My favorite thing about this skirt are the pockets!  I'm in love with dresses with pockets these days and I don't have a skirt with pockets yet.  I paired this with the Daniel Rainn blouse and the skirt gave the blouse a whole other look.  These were the two pieces I hated the most upon opening the box, but they have actually changed my mind!  The skirt was comfortable - it fit incredibly well and wasn't too tight or restrictive.  I also like the scallop detail on the hem and pockets.  I can probably put a nice cardigan over this and make it a decent work outfit.

Verdict: As much as I like the look of this entire ensemble, I just don't think I would have anywhere to wear this to.  I work in Silicon Valley in tech... if I showed up to work like this, people would think I was out interviewing, since it's more of a jeans to work culture.  At $64 for the skirt and $68 for the top, it's a hefty price tag for something I might wear once or twice.  Sadly, I will be sending these back.

Final Verdict: 4 out of 5.  Overall, I think this fix was successful, even though I decided to keep only one item.  I think my stylist is now starting to figure out what items would fit on me well.  I only wished that my stylist would have given me more items that I could take from day to night for my trip to Europe.  I don't foresee myself hitting the town in this pencil skirt after work nor would I have worn the denim jacket or knit top to work.  I've already scheduled my May fix, so I can potentially have a few more items for my trip.  I've sold so many things on Poshmark this month, that I need to actually replenish my wardrobe!  If you don't know what Poshmark is, check out my previous post on Poshmark and Tradesy.  It's a great space to sell your old clothes, shoes and purses.

One thing I did learn about myself this month, and something that is great about using a service like Stitch Fix: I can actually pull off lighter colors!  I would never have picked up any of these items in a store, getting fixes each month definitely pulls me out of my fashion comfort zone and forces me to consider items I normally wouldn't if I were just shopping myself.

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