Monday, March 16, 2015

Poshmark vs. Tradesy

Do you have a bunch of old clothes, shoes and handbags sitting in your closet and you don't want to just donate them, but don't know what to do with?  The past couple years, there have been a bunch of new apps and websites popping up where you can sell your used clothes, shoes and handbags, such as Poshmark, Tradesy, Threadflip, Threadup, and Twice.

I've been using Poshmark for about three years now, since they launched.  I've sold over $2,000 worth of clothes, shoes and bags on Poshmark, so I'm definitely a huge fan.  Poshmark makes it so easy to list your items.  You take pictures of your items with your iPhone or Android device directly into the app, put in a short description, and how much you would like to sell for.  Then you wait for someone to purchase.  Once someone purchases, Poshmark sends you a priority mail label, you pack your item and send it off.  Once the person accepts the item, you get paid.  It is pretty easy!

I recently tried out Tradesy, which is a similar service to Poshmark.  I had decided to try Tradesy only because I had a high value item listed on Poshmark that wasn't selling.  Since Tradesy takes less commission, I figured I could list my item for a lower price on Tradesy.  While these two services do essentially the same things, there are some differences.  If you are thinking of trying one of these out, here are some things I like and dislike about both Tradesy and Poshmark.

Selling on Poshmark vs. Tradesy

Poshmark Tradesy
Items under $15 = $2.95 flat fee; sales over $15 = 20% Flat 9% fee on all sales
Able to post items through app only; cannot do it over the website Can post through app or via website, but process is more complicated
Use Instagram-type filters to make your photos better Tradesy will clean up your cover photo within 2-3 days
You get a priority mail label for up to 5 lbs. You can choose to receive a shipping kit, print a free label or ship on your own
Free easy transfer of funds to your bank account or receive a check in the mail 2.9% fee when you cash out to Paypal, debit card or bank account

So as you an see, Poshmark is overall easier, but you get more money through Tradesy at the end of the day.

I've also been a customer through both of these sites.  I've only bought one thing on Tradesy, which unfortunately, I didn't like.  The great thing about Tradesy is that they do allow returns, which Poshmark does not.  Here are some things I like and don't like about both as a buyer:

Buying on Poshmark vs. Tradesy

Poshmark Tradesy
One click buying Your purchase will need to be accepted by the seller
All sales are final. No returns Returns are accepted by Tradesy. You receive store credit if you don't like the item and a full refund if the item was misrepresented.
Can use the credit from selling for purchases Can use the credit from selling for purchases

There's definitely more risk involved in buying something on Poshmark, since you don't get the luxury of returning your items.  Even with this, I've found the buying experience to be a more pleasant experience than buying on Tradesy.

This is the one thing that Poshmark has that Tradesy lacks: a sense of community.  This may sound strange about an app; however, I feel that the Poshmark community looks out for each other.  Everyone describes their items perfectly and responds timely to questions.  Poshmark hosts "parties" three times a day where certain items are featured to be shared in showrooms, and best of all, people share other people's items if they like it.  Tradesy doesn't have that at all.  In fact, you can't even share or promote your own items.  To be fair, Tradesy does offer sales on items without those sale numbers affecting the sellers, so you could get a good deal.  Though Poshmark takes more commission from my items, Poshmark's community is what keeps me using the app.  I feel like I actually have friends on the app and we're all in this together.

I will probably continue using both services as both have pros and cons.  If you're itching to do some spring cleaning, give these two services a try!


Anonymous said...

Love this article! I noticed that shipping is much higher on Tradesy (almost double what Poshmark charges, in my experience). Also, Tradesy charges the buyer a restocking percentage for returns. Poshmark actually does handle 100% returns (including shipping charges) in justified cases (misrepresented listings, fakes, etc...)...

chanelicious said...

I've found that Tradesy is waaaaay better for selling anything valuable. I get the most absurd lowball offers for my Chanel and Louis Vuitton on Poshmark. And there are a ton of replicas on posh. Tradesy just feels more polished. Poshmark has been fine for selling my Forever 21 / H&M / Express clothing but its got way too many low-ballers.

Kalala said...

Chanelicious - I agree that there are too many low-ballers on Poshmark. I've noticed it especially recently. When Poshmark first started, I think people respected each other's pricing a bit more. Now, it just seems like I'm getting more and more ridiculous offers. :(

Anonymous said...

I agree with chanelicious and Kalala. I am two weeks new to Posh after having done Tradesy for two months and earned a reeeeaaallllly pretty penny. I DO want to clean out my closet and thought Posh was a way to do it, and I listed my stuff pretty darn low. But the lowball offers that I've been getting have been seriously ridiculous. I mean, you're going to offer me $5 on a NWT James Perse shirt that I listed at $15? Come on. So I put my cheaper items up on Posh and I listed the things of actual value (ie. LV, Marc Jacobs) up on Tradesy. I also love that I can privately negotiate and deal with buyers through the messaging on Tradesy rather than making it everyone's business on the ridiculous thread on Poshmark. I am probably going to stick with Posh for about another week but feel really close to throwing in the towel. As for buying, I'd rather go to Forever 21 and just buy the damn shirt for $12 rather than pay the $12 plus shipping. Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

To clarify, I earned a really pretty penny on Tradesy. I sold my LV's and even though negotiated a little, got really close to what I was asking. Tradesy is definitely more polished and feels like a more mature forum to sell my things. Poshmark feels like one big sorority party which frankly, I can do without, though I could deal if the payout were actually reasonable.

Pepper said...

I started out liking Poshmark, but when a buyer decided she didn't like the item she purchased, she made up a story that the item wasn't as described in the listing. Poshmark did absolutely no investigating with me the seller and just approved her complaint. I responded immediately to the complaint and it took them 4 days to even comment back to me. The buyer returned the item to me and of course, now it has a nice flaw in it (it was a sweater) where she apparently took a sharp item and snagged a stitch or two on it. It's completely ruined and I'm out a sale. Poshmark does NOT stand behind the seller. It is very frustrating.

Toese said...

That's not true about Poshmark not accepting returns. I've just sold something on there and the lady claimed it was the wrong size (which it wasn't) so she cut off the size label and returned it back to me and Poshmark refunded her back :)

Anonymous said...

I've had the most horrible experiences with Poshmark. First of all, they do nothing to protect the seller. People ruin your merchandise and then report the item as not being as described. Poshmark simply refunds them their money and they send back your item to you with whatever damage they have made to it to suit their cause. Poshmark tells you they usually do not offer refunds, but think it is in everyone's best interest to just do the refund. Also, other sellers steal your photos and use them as their own, they copy the names of the people that like your items and then tag them in order to sell their own merchandise at a price cheaper than yours. The list goes on and on and on. If you block someone from your closet, it only stops them from buying your merchandise or commenting on it. They can still see your whole closet. What's the purpose of the block feature then? I've had it with Poshmark. Time to donate everything to the needy.

MamaJoJo said...

Thanks for posting this. I have been on Posh for a while. Liked it at first and now not as happy with it. As far as the comment about (to paraphrase) Posh is like a sorority-I could not agree more! And maybe a mean one at that! I am still checking for the best resource to get rid of this huge (really huge!) amount of clothing I have. Tried ThreadUp, bad experience. I guess I will give Tradsey and Twice a try before I go the consignment route. Any other suggestions? Any opinions about Mercari?

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find the best site for listing some high end bags. Before finding this, I was leaning toward Poshmark because they check authenticity of items valued over $500 prior to shipping them to the buyer. I have a fear that I'll send something real to a scammer who will replace it with a fake and return it. I think Poshmark's procedure would offer the best protection from something like this, but I'm not sure that it's worth the 20% vs. 11.9%. BTW, is there a way to received payment (rather than trade) from Tradesy that doesn't require a 2.9% fee?


Anna said...

There is always the 2.9% fee to withdraw. The only way to avoid it is by using your credit to purchase something on tradesy- but I always cash out to my bank account. I looked at both poshmark and tradesy a while back, and I could not get over that poshmark does not have a web option, ie using a computer instead of posting from your phone (tap tap tap). I am a fast typer and I take photos with an actual camera, so poshmark was just not convenient. Tradesy has been very good. I have been surprised at how many things I have sold on Tradesy. I would say it is better than ebay for selling fashion, as you will never have to accept a return! (assuming you fully and accurately describe your item). I think that Tradesy needs a better way to save searches like Thredup and ebay do, where you can save a search and be notified when there are new listings matching that search.

Melanie Gorman said...

Tradesy commission goes up to 14.9% on Dec. 1, 2016!! So annoyed about this. Also, I am struggling on Poshmark bc I don't really understand these parties. I like how it has offers (like ebay) - I just wish that I didn't receive offers in the comment section. Also, there is a HGUE time delay with alerts from Tradesy when compared to Poshmark (which is instant).