Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Oh Beauty Blender, I Love You!

I came across this weird little makeup sponge a few months ago and decided to give it try.  I was hesitant to buy this at first because I thought it that paying $20 for a sponge was just ridiculous and was under the impression that this would be like any old sponge.  I can tell you that I feel that the Beauty Blender is $20 well spent!  They should last you about 3-4 months and I've had mine for about 2 months now, and it's still in great shape.

The Beauty Blender doubles in size when you dampen it, and to use it, it should be wet.  The sponge is great at soaking up all of your excess makeup and smooths out your foundation like no other brush or regular sponge can do.  Instead of spreading makeup across your face, the Beauty Blender distributes the makeup evenly.  It has changed the way I apply makeup and as a result, I've been getting a more flawless, smoother finish.  I don't think I've used my foundation brush since I started using the Beauty Blender!

The other great thing I recently discovered was the BlenderCleanser solid cleansing bar.  I've just been washing my Beauty Blender with the BareMinerals brush cleanser I wash all my other brushes with (which by the way, is not a good product) and there always seems to be some residue left behind.  No matter how much I washed, whenever I squeeze the sponge dry, makeup would still come out of it.  I've been weary about buying product-specific cleansers, since I feel that most of them are ripoffs.  I used 100 of my Sephora Beauty Insider points to try out the Beauty Blender Solid, and OMG... after the first use, my sponge looks brand new!  I was ecstatic because, let's be honest, you want to make this pretty expensive sponge last as long as you can!  Look at the difference!

Dirty sponge

Clean sponge after one wash... look at the difference in color!

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