Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 2015 Stitch Fix Unboxing!

Last month I only kept one item from my Stitch Fix box.  I absolutely love the sweater, however, with the 70 degree weather here in California in the middle of winter, I only wore it once.  I was glad to see that this month's fix had some more spring items.

If you don't know how Stitch Fix works, please check out my first blog on what Stitch Fix is.  Here are the items I received this month:

  1. Dear John Kyleigh Straight Leg Jeans (Playback Cuffed)
  2. Market & Spruce Aleah V-Neck Solid Dolman Sleeve Shirt
  3. Splendid Aledo Reversable Pullover
  4. Market & Spruce Julia Utility Jacket
  5. Renee C Virginia V-Neck Top
I was really excited to see no dresses in this fix!  The last couple of dresses didn't work well for me, but I was a little weary to see a pair of jeans.  I've only received one other pair of jeans from Stitch Fix in the past and they just didn't fit me at all!  As I started taking the other items out of the box, I got excited as they all seemed like items I would keep... neutral colors and no floral prints!

So let's see what these looked like on!

Outfit #1: Dear John jeans with the Splendid pullover.  I un-cuffed the jeans to see how long they would be and, to my surprise, they weren't that much longer for my short legs.  :-)  I definitely like the fit of the jeans, even they they are low-rise, and I usually don't like low-rise jeans.  The Splendid pullover was just incredibly soft and comfy!  It is also reversible and the other side is light blue.  I don't think I would wear it inside out, but you can definitely do it!

Verdict: I didn't even look at the price tag before putting on the pullover and fell in love with it.  This shirt is a $98!!  What?!  I guess I'm paying for the Splendid brand and I   Now I have to think about the jeans, which are at listed at $78.

Outfit #2: Market & Spruce dolman sleeve shirt with the Dear John jeans.  I actually thought I was going to love this shirt, and then I put it on... It was just too big on top and the bottom was too narrow.  I understand these are dolman sleeves... but the wings were huge (as displayed in picture 2)! The top just scrunched up and the shirt was too sloppy for my liking at a whopping $48. 

Verdict: No thanks.  Absolutely returning!

Outfit #3: Market & Spruce utility jacket (with a plain black t-shirt) and the Dear John jeans.  This jacket fit really nicely and was comfortable.  There was also enough room for me to be able to wear this with long sleeve shirts, if needed.  I liked the peplum shape to the jacket, which was adjustable on the inside!  The only thing I wished was for this jacket to be in another color!

Verdict:  After much debate, this jacket is going back.  I couldn't justify paying $78 for something that I might wear once in a while, since I really don't have any pieces in my wardrobe to match with this green color.  If this had come in black or navy, or even a dark red, I would've been completely sold!

Last item:  There's no photo of me in this Renee C shirt because I couldn't get it on!  My arms got stock half way through and I couldn't pull the shirt down without feeling like it was going to rip in half.  This seems to happen more often with shirts that have zero stretch and also have no zipper or button to make putting it on easier.  I usually just get annoyed and frustrated and give up.  I was bummed because it did look nice on the hanger and I love polka dots.  

Verdict: Obviously going back.

Jeans: After much debate, I decided to keep these jeans.  I tried them on again cuffed and un-cuffed and feel that these are versatile enough that I can wear them at work or on the weekends.  It's got good stretch to them, but they still fit like straight jeans.  It's hard for me to find a good pair of jeans that I like, so at $78, these are much cheaper than the Lucky Brand or 7 jeans that I normally get.

Verdict: Keeping!

Final Verdict:  I give this fix a 3 out of 5.  I wasn't as delighted with this fix than some of the previous ones.  I ended up keeping two items, which is still good (and didn't lose out on my $20 styling fee).  I, however, feel that I could have found these items at the mall myself and didn't need Stitch Fix to do it for me.  I was happy to see that the Splendid top was on sale at for the same price, which means Stitch Fix doesn't mark up the items, since I had wondered about that.  All in all, I still got some great items and it's always fun to try new clothes!  Schedule your Stitch Fix today!

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